Free Reconnaissance & Information Gathering Offer from DirectDefense 

See What's Lurking in the Shadows

We understand the ever-evolving threat landscape. That's why DirectDefense is offering a free reconnaissance and information gathering service to potential new clients. Our team of experts will delve deep to identify potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. 

Here's what we do: 

Uncover hidden threats: We leverage a combination of public and private data sources (OSINT) to build a comprehensive knowledgebase of your organization's attack surface. 

Passive and active recon: Our specialists go beyond readily available information, employing advanced techniques to discover hidden vulnerabilities. 

What you'll gain: 

Actionable insights: Our report delivers a clear picture of potential security risks and could include: 

  • Compromised and breached credentials 

  • Publicly available business records 

  • Individual or organization's personal and background information 

  • Email, domain, inter-connected device and application information 

  • Removed but indexed data 

  • Social media content or profiles 

  • Exposed storage buckets 

  • File metadata 

With this information, you can: 

  • Proactively address security gaps before they become a major breach. 

  • Prioritize your security investments where they matter most. 

  • Strengthen your overall security posture and build a robust defense system. 

Don't wait for a security breach to happen. Take a proactive approach with DirectDefense's free recon service. 

Limited spots available. Act now! 

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